About Lyon

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Lyon is a must-see destination. It‘s France’s second biggest tourist destination with 55 million tourists a year. Capital of the Rhône-Alpes Region, it’s a city with a rich cultural heritage. Its 2,6 million residents love their city.

With an exceptional quality of life, on foot or bicycle, discover the emblematic quarter of the city, which has been listed as World Heritage by UNESCO. Its historic districts like Vieux Lyon, Croix-Rousse and Prequ’Île offer beautiful sights like Fouvière Gallo-Roman Theatres, Traboules, the Fountain of Bartholdi, the equestrian statue of Louis XIV in Place Bellecour who’s influence in the town’s history is still evident today.

A walk along the Quai and shopping in the Presqu’Île will have you hooked on this magical city. Also discover the new trendy places and their modern institutions with an incredible architecture in the quarter of La Confluence and La Sucrière.

Lyon is recognized like THE capital of gastronomy with an abundance of world-renowned restaurants, the most famous being that of chef Bocuse. Lyon is famous for a number of culinary specialties like quenelle or cervelle de canut. Wine lovers will be kept busy by variety of regional products including Côte du Rhône and Beaujolais.

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Every year Lyon attracts a huge international audience with events like the Festival of Lights in December that illuminates the most beautiful places of the city or the Festival Lumière in October that annually honours one of the greats in the movie industry. Lyon is the centre of French cinema thanks to the Lumière brothers. The Lyon Contemporary Art Biennial is a big event too in Lyon.

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The splendid environment of the city, its cultural heritage, festive and sociable atmosphere and its cultural activities make Lyon the must-see designation in Europe.

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