Who we are


The Clinique Crillon’s international training program has been developed with the intention of assisting aesthetic doctors and plastic surgeons with the development of specific techniques and operations.

The program is offered to surgeons and doctors of any level both as an individual and as a part of group, covering a number of courses essential to maintaining a high degree of excellence. The programs cater to the requirements of both budding practitioners and experienced surgeons seeking to specialise in a specific field of surgery.

The program itself is conducted by some of France’s most distinguished specialist surgeons and aesthetic practitioners, with a wealth of experience educating university students and established doctors.

Our programs can be tailored according to the requirements of a select group and or individual with our practical courses offering a great deal of flexibility, ensuring all of our trainee’s requirements are met.

We invite you to browse our diverse range of programs covering, aesthetics, plastic surgery and coaching.

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