Module Information:

Upon completion of this module you will be able to analyse facial features and be able to advice on areas that require attention and areas that were previously treated. The module will also provide a revision on facial anatomy and risk associated with treatment/procedures.

There will also be a practical presentation with various injectable products and techniques involved with these products, with references to an actual medical procedure.

The course period covers five full days. The main objective is to educate participants on techniques concerning aesthetic medicine care specific to regions of the face, neck and neckline.


Techniques covered:

  • Filing: lines and volume
  • Face radiofrequency
  • Mesotherapy and Microneedling
  • Carboxythérapie
  • Depigmenting and vascular laser
  • Peeling: superficial, medium, deep.


Equipment and products used:

  • Botulinum toxin, …
  • Filling injections with Hyaluronic Acid : Radiesse, Ellansé, Sculptra (by needle or cannula), …
  • Face radiofrequency : Endymed, Bodytite, …
  • Mesotherapy and Microneedling : MésoPen U225, Dermapen, …
  • Carboxy-Pen
  • Radiofrequency Laser Fractora


Duration : 5 days

Price : 7 500 €


Clinique Crillon - International Training - 96 rue Crillon - 69006 Lyon - FRANCE  - email : training@cliniquecrillon.com