Hair Transplant

Module Information:

In this module, an expert will provide comprehensive training related to all aspects of the management process around hair transplant surgery.

  • Participants will learn how to manage and prepare patients toward various techniques including Strip harvesting (FUT) and Follicular unit extraction (FUE).
  • Receive training on better organisation of staff and equipment prior and during procedures.
  • Strip harvesting (FUT):
    • Patient preparation, anaesthesia, samples, closure and cutting of the donor area.
    • Preparation and introduction of grafts, grafted areas and postoperative recovery process.
  • Technique FUE:
    • Patient preparation, anaesthesia, donor areas sample.
    • Preparation and introduction of grafted area and postoperative recover process.

At the conclusion of the module, participants will be able to manage and complete a hair transplant surgery employing best practises as instructed by experts in the field.



Techniques covered :

  • Strip harvesting (FUT)
  • Follicular unit extraction (FUE)


Duration : 5 days

Price : 8 500 €

Clinique Crillon - International Training - 96 rue Crillon - 69006 Lyon - FRANCE  - email :